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Was Part of Lemuria in Africa?

Was Africa part of the mythical Lemurian civilization?

Is Lemuria a creation of the European Theosophical movement and therefore not relevant to those of African descent?

Should connection from this sunken continent be part of the intelligent Black spiritual woman's tool chest?

These are questions that I am contemplating. Many thanks to this brother who challenged me in his comment on one of the In The Center Her Power Podcast episodes on YouTube.  Because of his comments, my eyes have been opened to new possibilities!

His comment reads:

“I know this is old, but I was searching for vids/podcasts here on YouTube about African-Centered spiritual therapy, especially for women, to recommend to a lady friend who has been struggling with life.

I was at first excited to discover this vid, but after listening, I was disappointed to hear the host talk about Pseudo ideas like Lemuria & Atlantis.

It's contradictory to talk about decolonizing therapy, but then give credence to ideas that are racist in origin.

These white theosophical teachings do not mix with African traditions.

It's good that the host is exposing both herself & her listeners to African traditions, but after watching some of the host's other vids, I will continue to look for more African-Centered therapy for my friend.”

My response:

Your comment that African Spirituality is not related to the lore of Lemuria is a question I have been contemplating.  It took years for me to even consider Lemuria as a concept that was relevant to me.  In 2011 when I first learned about my DNA connection to this sunken continent through Madagascar, I dismissed it as "some white folks fantasy".  Then just before the Pandemic, I started to get strong urges to learn more about this ancient civilization.  I know that Madagascar, an island off the southern coast of Africa, was part of Lemuria and was, in part the impetus that started the theosophical interest in this island.  General Churchward was able to get access to documents held in secret by some Indian spiritual leaders.   It has unique animals, flora and fauna life forms that exist only on this island.  Africa is a vast continent with many varied spiritual beliefs.  I have only scratched the surface by learning about only 2-3 so far.  There are many things about spirituality that I don't know.  Many spiritual things I know intuitively, rather than intellectually.  Connection to Lemuria is one of those topics that I sense intuitively.  My impressions were not meant to invalidate Yoruba spiritual beliefs.  Conversely, as a person of African descent, I claim the right to explore various spiritual beliefs from across the African continent. This I do know: Lemuria DID exist.  Madagascar was part of Lemuria along with other areas of Africa. The history of Lemuria may have been whitewashed.

That night after I wrote this, I had a dream that my spirit guides wanted me to remember.  I know it was intended for me to remember because I woke up early the morning to go to the bathroom then, went back to sleep and had the dream.  When I dream like this, I remember the dream unlike when I dream while in a deep sleep.

In this dream, I was in a room that was familiar to me.  Then someone pushed the wall from inside and the wall crumbled down. Lo and behold under the plaster wall there was another wall.  I didn’t realize the wall in this kitchen was not the actual wall! Then the curtains were taken down from the windows and I was surprised to see that outside the windows were acres of land with trees.  The dream kept unfolding with each part of the room that I thought I knew being dismantled to reveal a larger room with more hidden details than I ever knew existed!

What this dream tells me is that what I thought I knew is only part of the true story.  So I won’t claim Lemuria anymore because to claim it is to embrace only part of the story.

What I DO know is that I am fascinated by Madagascar and my ancestral connection to this island nation!  Last year I was bitten by a sting ray when I stepped into the ocean off the coast of Belize.   Now I think that bite and the stinger that I can still feel in my foot, ignited something.  Later in the year, I started singing at the water’s edge for Songs for Earth and Soul.  This year I am planning a trip to Madagascar where I know I will be activated as I stand on this African soil and sing in the waters of the Indian ocean.  Divine Feminine wisdom is programmed into the waters and the priestesses are remembering.

Do you feel drawn to the waters?  Are you a water sign? Part of the Dagara Water Clan? Connected to a Goddess of the water?  Join me on this trip to Madagascar, November 2024. Email me if you are interested .

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