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The Comfort of A Past Life Regression

Last year, I decided to sell my childhood home. As fate would have it, I was going through the closing process during the holiday season. I was emotionally devastated! When I got quiet and still to process this ending, I heard very clearly, that I could learn to offer past life regressions by using money from the sale of the house. In so doing, I ease my own grief because each time I guide someone to the end of a life, I am reminded that the soul lives forever. I also see that those I have loved and lost have been with me before and will be with me again.

I didn't realize this truth until I just typed it! I now realize how lovingly the Source and my ancestors have orchestrated this crucial life transition for me.

I was holding onto my Mother so tightly and I didn't know it consciously. Because I was holding on so tightly, she stayed close to me in spirit. I felt her, intuitive people who came to my house felt her. But alas, she had to move onto another life. So she pushed me to sell the house and tie up all the loose ends that I had avoided facing. I am still in the process, yet the most difficult, heart-wrenching part has been done.

Last month, my Mother's spirit came to me and told me she was being reborn. Then I realized why it was so important to get the house sold and finalize the end of her life as my Mother. I still have boxes to sort through, however; I feel more capable to do it now.

I suspect there are lessons here about letting go that I still need to sort through. There will always be areas to grow through, at least I hope so!

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