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My Opening - Venus In Taurus

Someone once asked me why I did an online workshop with a woman I had never met who is lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Scotland. Why, because it felt right!

I really appreciate Alphedia Arara’s emails and the information she shares. She often names what I am experiencing, especially with this post. Right now I am feeling more loving than ever before! I feel so much more lovingly and contented. Spirit Traveler said things would open up for me after supporting her Sacred Path of the Intuitive Doula Course. The course was in April 2023, right before the full moon in Scorpio. I will share more about that in another post.

This passage that I am sharing from Alphedia's email helps to explain what is happening in the cosmos and how it is affecting my current expanded heart experience of love. This is a prayer answered! I can feel more love coming to me as I give more. For years, I felt: how can I give when I need so much? Now it feels like giving is the gift of love for me!

Wait, What!? This whole concept flies in my face as I have spent my entire life feeling I need more love. I now see that I could not receive love fully because of the "I need love " mental dialog that played on repeat. After my first mushroom journey in March 2023, [more about this in another post] and the opportunity to support the Doula course, I know the truth of love

and can think and behave differently.

From Alphedia —

Venus is the planet that governs Taurus and is connected with the heart energies, love, abundance and sensuality. This offering channelled live by the Venus Star Beings through Alphedia is allowing us the opportunity to enter the Venus Heart Galactic Gateway.

Many star seeds and souls on the spiritual ascension path have chosen to experience the Venus Heart Gateway entry in this incarnation.

The Gateway was only able to be opened after the Eclipse Portal in April/May 2023 and the Taurean energies support us in exploring this path.

The Venus Heart Gateway enables us further in our movement to 7th dimensional consciousness as we now can explore the heart path to unravel the mysteries of this sacred place in the Universe.

The Venus Heart Galactic Gateway is an energetic doorway that can only be accessed when your soul is ready and has completed earlier stages of ascension in this and past incarnations.

The collective of humanity had to wait until the Venus Beings were ready to accept humanity on this path of heart advancement releasing their knowledge.

This channelled workshop offers those souls who are ready for this next stage of evolution the opportunity to begin to embark on the exploration of what their heart is capable of feeling and experiencing in third dimensional physical form.

The aim is for you to feel more deeply, experience greater inner heart contentment and bliss beyond which has been capable in human form before.

You will gain a greater understanding of your ability to love yourself unconditionally with out judgement and to heal with greater ease without the resistance.

This allows you to trust your heart path to guide and lead you to the soul nirvana you seek to experience. Dissolving away all in the path into love. This allows you to experience life more fully rather than just in cognitive physical form as before. [This is So True!]

Find Alphedia Arara - Lightworker, Spiritual Channel, Ascension Healer

For more on the Venus in Taurus astrology:

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carmen Booker
carmen Booker
May 17, 2023

A Good Compassionate yet compelling read 💖


carmen Booker
carmen Booker
May 17, 2023


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