Earth and Soul Centered Supports

Candle in Hands
Candle in Hands

Elemental Readings

During your intuitive reading, Sanaa will use oracle cards and Chinese 4 Pillar, to show your favorable earth elements, your unfavorable elements and the overcoming elements you can use to produce favorable results in your life.  Learn how the elements can make you feel stable and supported.

Spirit Within Coaching

A spirit focused approach to coaching to help you thrive using your gifts, while working on purpose. Do you know your purpose, but don't feel comfortable being with it yet?  Do you wonder how you could fulfill your purpose with all of negative self talk, self sabotage and doubt?  Bridging the gap between your higher self and your current self is my specialty!

Stressed Woman

Affirmation Recordings

You have your affirmations, now you need to use them to transform your life! Sanaa will activate Reiki energy, record your affirmations in a soothing, female voice, create an MP3 that you can play on repeat while you sleep, work or first thing in the morning. This will help shift your subconscious beliefs. You deserve to thrive!


Sanaa Green

Divine Feminine Earth Priestess

Sanaa is  nurturing, empathic Urban Nature Lover and Projector who is here to help you shine! She is a certified Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master and Feng Shui Guide who uses these skills to apply ancient elemental teachings to transform your life.