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Past Life Party

Group Past Life Regression Session

Presented by Sanaa Green

Journey to a significant past life to recall your spiritual strength so you can apply it in your current life.   Reveal key people / soulmates that were/are influential in your journey.  

This is a light level of hypnosis that will help you access key information in a group setting.

Others in this Past Life Party might be part of the same soul group!  You never know how the Creator will orchestrate this party.  What I do know id that it will be for your highest good!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Past Life Regression

Joy, of Michigan

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QHHT Past Life Regression

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session can be the ultimate shadow work. Set aside 4-5 hours for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session that will transform your life!  Any questions you have about relationships, money, career, health or the nature of the universe can be answered or healed in your QHHT Session!  Sanaa brings years of experience guiding women to their brightest self.  She will listen and then ask questions on your behalf once the connection to the Higher Consciousness has been established.  Call to discuss your session.    .  

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I want to know who I was in a past life!
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