Do you want to break through old habits?

Are you looking for ways to be consistent and keep your spiritual crown on straight?  

You need a grace-filled, consistent practice to help you get to the other side of your spiritual awakening.  I feel you! 

As a Lemurian Earth Priestess, I help women ground their spiritual awakening with sacred sensual, body-centric, earth-touched practices.  


Do you want to:

  • Break old habits?

  • Process Shadow Work?

  • Meditate Consistently?


You can integrated shadow beliefs and break through old paradigms by this consistent, nurturing practice that leaves you standing In The Center of Your Divine Feminine Power!


My signature course, Belly Dance For Earth & Soul: Spiritual Embodiment will help you:

  • Feel Sacred through Belly Dance

  • Activate your root chakra 

  • Feel Stable during your spiritual awakening

  • Experience your vagina as a sacred energy conduit



Sanaa In CenterofPower 2020.jpg

Do you want to slay all personal demons and take names later? 

You want to silence the negative thoughts and consistently live a spiritual life.

Every aspect of your life since your spiritual awakening is spiritual.


Every experience you are having, even if it triggers you to past behaviors like overeating (me) or getting drunk is part of your spirit's path on this earth.  The self-care gift is in examining the cause of the trigger then lovingly correcting yourself.  You have been handling adversity the say way for years, it will take years to completely change the response.

Belly Dance For Earth & Soul: Spiritual Embodiment Course is a body based, earth centric course designed to help you connect to the loving energy of the Divine Feminine through Belly Dance,  elemental mysteries and sound.  It will help you releasing negative self talk and feel stable in your life.  Reclaim your body as sacred so you can stand In the Center of Your Power.