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Belly Dance For Earth & Soul:
Spiritual Embodiment Course

Are you struggling to break old patterns? You want to consistently live a spiritual life.  Get unstuck by moving your body and connecting to nature.


Belly Dance, as taught by Sanaa, is an opening to the ancient movements that female spiritual leaders used . 

This portal into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine will include:

  • The mystical, elemental gifts of each season, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring - 3 classes each season

  • Learn how the energies of each element impact your life and how to control them

  • Belly Dance as sacred movement

  • Techniques to access the Vagina as a spiritual conduit (tantra-like practices)

Happy Meditator

Earth & Soul Spiritual Embodiment Modules
3 Classes Per Season

  1. Fire - The mystical nature of Element of fire

  2. Root chakra - Feel securely rooted in your gifts. 

  3. Ancestors - Providing a space to acknowledge your ancestors through root chakra activation

  4. Belly Dance - to aid the activation of the root chakra

  1. Mother - In Our Mother’s Gardens - How were you molded by your mother? 

  2. Hearth Chakra - The heart is a major connector to our higher selves.  How does it impact your inner priestess?

  3. Inner Child - How is your little girl?

  4. Divine Feminine Energy - How the Divine Feminine is now helping to heal the Wounded Feminine.

  5. Belly Dance - How to use this dance to nurture yourself

Why This Course?
My Story

After having a spiritual awakening, I thought that finding and fulfilling my purpose would be a complete fix to all my life challenges.   It was not.

In 2007, I began teaching Belly Dance as a wholistic, healing activity.  I had reached a mountain top moment in my life while serving as a spiritual Belly Dance teacher, however; I could not translate that spiritual skill set to the necessities of daily life.  So I took a job.  Eventhough it was “good work”, I still became disenchanted with the politics of the non-profit world and the compromise expected of me in community service. 

In 2018 I found myself in a debilitating, abusive relationship yet wanting to get out.  I stayed in that live-in relationship, in part, because I felt so alone after my Mother’s death in 2014.  I was so ashamed of myself.  I egotistically felt I was supposed to be on a the spiritually high plain since I accepted my calling and was moving on it. I spiraled into low self esteem and inactivity.

By 2019, I was able to break free from both the personal and professional entanglements in which I found myself, but not without emotional scars that sat in my emotional and physical  bodies. 


Eventually, I felt worthy to use all of my medicines for myself.  I used Belly Dance, singing bowls/sound, affirmations and nature connection to heal.  I am blessed to have the assistance of a Master Healer.


The catalyst to bring all of my training and experiences together is a tantric-like practice that I recalled in meditation.  I learned/recalled a process to enable the vagina to act as a spiritual conduit that can alchemize negative self talk, fear and many other issues.  Once this became a practice, Spirit showed me how this process can be taught to women to aid them in their spiritual awakening and ascension.


In this course you will have the benefit of all of my training!

My Spiritual Training Includes:

  • Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui professional training

  • Dagara (African) Elemental Rituals with Malidoma Some

  • Master's Degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University

  • Belly Dancer for over 20 years

  • Environmental Educator for over 10 years

belly dance pose looking at camera.jpg

I'm On To Something

(a Poem by Lottie Spady after attending my Belly Dance classes)

I feel as if I am on to something

Although its still shape shifting

It's a feeling.

Its locus with the core of my being

After I honor the sacred sway of the Divine

that resides in my hips

prayers upon lips

coins tinkle,

brass at my fingertips.

I'm in the center of my power

Smiles burst through uncontrollably

I whistle as I walk through the grocery store

Who would have thought I would be aBelly Dancer?

Salvation in the form of a shimmy,

Meditations made to musical assemblies

from Cairo to Casablanca

Silken scarves soothe scars left from one

Self-esteem mortar shell too many

Shrapnel dug out from under a thin skin

turns into diamonds

I cry gemstones and pearls unlimited

To pellet swine and force their retreat

Boundaries glisten, sparkling with inner

radiance beaded like sweat

Breathing a tantric tattoo in commune with

Mother Earth

And Father time

And all the star children gathered round

A million tiny hands

pulling me out of Dante's limo in the rhythm of 


I am Ready!
Belly Dance for Earth & Soul: Spiritual Embodiment

Course Includes:
12 classes , 3 each season

The priestess yoni as a sacred conduit
Learn Belly Dance of the Priestess
Elemental Alchemy
Ground your spiritual gifts
How to activate the Kundalini
How to activate your root chakra
How to feel more love in your body
How to stop negative self talk
Discover Your Shadows
Integrate your shadows with somatic practice
Priestess Playlist 
Community of Like-spirited women
Space to integrate and apply course information
Free Introductory call

1 on 1 Elemental Reading and Coaching with Sanaa - quarterly
Culminating Initiation Ceremony
Free In person Outdoor Belly Dance Classes on the
Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox
(Detroit, MI location)

Value $1200
Special Introductory Rate: $993
Payment plans available.
4 payments of $248.25 

Additional payment plans available upon request.  Email


Classes begin July 17, 2022.  

Replay of live class will be available through a virtual classroom.
Ready to Register?

An introductory call is part of the registration process. Sanaa will contact you.
Click the Link Below To Register.  


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