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The Creatress
September 16, 2023

A New Moon , Half Day Retreat for Divine Feminine Leaders
11am - 2pm
ton, Michigan

Activate a deep remembering!

 Learn the history of creation from a female lens.  Discover your Spiritual Plant Allies. Use the ancient, Divine Feminine, somatic practice of Belly Dance to integrate this learning into your body's inner knowing.

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Sanaa Green
Priestess of the Divine Feminine

Sanaa Green is a Priestess of the Divine Feminine here to help re-establish the Divine Feminine energy as a principal to live by.  To that end, she is a Healer, Belly Dance Teacher, Environmental Educator, Entrepreneur and Community Activist.

Sanaa has been spiritually trained in Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui, Reiki, Belly Dance, Dagara Elemental Rituals and more.  Her academic training includes; Masters work in Ecopsychology at Naropa University and a BA in Communications from Howard University.


Lottie V. Sapdy
Herbalist & Wellness Media Maker

Lottie V. Spady , Community Educator, Wellness Media Maker, and Practicing Herbalist is the founder of Earthseed Detroit, an educational community health program that is focused on imagining and co-creating the afro-future of our health through love, wellness, respect, and deep joy. Lottie currently teaches “Do It Yourself Community Health” classes in seasonal plant identification, herbal formulations and medicine making, and wild edible cooking. Other courses include herbs and tarot, plants as spiritual allies, and self-development through vision collage. She also holds sacred space for nature based healing retreat work, camping/glamping, outdoor education and botanical studies in rural Michigan.

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Nubia Warford Polk
Kushologist & Archeologist

Nubia Morenike (Wardford Polk) - is an author, cultural scientist, archaeologist, tv- radio show host, Kushologist, educator and lecturer. She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, a Masters degree in Historical Archaeology and is involved in the research of Ancient Kush. Embarking upon PhD studies in archaeology at Temple University.  

She is currently involved in further archaeological research in Sudan and Belize. I see myself as a cultural scientist who delves into research on the ancient prehistoric, historic, and recent past.  Our past tells us where and when we traveled, settled our missteps, victories, defeats, contributions, and our focus. We as spiritual thinking beings can redirect, relocate, and decide what spaces we will occupy on earth, in the multiverse, and in the cosmos. We must not stumble through life. Intentionality is a way of being that our ancestors understood.  

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Lead A Sacred Dance Circle

As a Belly Dancer I feel lite from within when I dance!  If done consciously, this dance connects directly to the Divine Feminine.  Could it be that Belly Dance was once the Dance of the Priestess?  Yes!

As a Belly Dancer, you sense there is something more to Belly Dance.  Something you want to share with your students, even if you don't have any yet.  Now you can learn how to take your art form to another level by leading Sacred Belly Dance Circles!

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Oriental Architecture
Belly dance Outfits

What You Will Learn

In this class you will learn how to add the knowledge of this sacred dance to your classes.

  • You will learn history of sacred dance and how Belly Dance fits into that history.  The sacred history of women were scared leaders and their bodies and this sacred dance help  open portals to our inate connection to the Divine Feminine.  

  • You will also learn how to arrange a room so the energy flows to support your sacred class.  

  • You will learn how to prepare yourself to be a sacred vessel for healing energy to flow through you to class room.  

  • You will have  suggested music playlist that includes, warm up, and cool down tunes will be provided.  

  •  After the class, Sanaa will be available to mentor you on your journey to becoming a sacred dance leader. 

Invest in yourself!  $160. Click the coin bag below to register.

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