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Madagascar Revisited!

The island of Madagascar is an African nation that sits between South Africa and the Indian Ocean.  This is the home of my maternal ancestors.  This island may have been part of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, I don't know for sure, but I feel sure that standing on Malagasy soil will be a surreal and enlightening experience.

Activate your priestess power!

Join me as I offer Songs For Earth & Soul in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean! 

Group Past Life Regression - Optional

Below is a summary of the trip from our tour company, Madagascar Experience.


Spread across 3 towns and 2100 km, this 11 day journey will unearth the seldom - if ever - talked

about story of enslaved Malagasy people and their migration to the new world. Against the

panorama of red clay dunes, a deciduous "spiny" desert forest, baobabs, azure reefs we will learn about the Malagasy Maafa and its Vista of No Return.

Start In The Capitol

Your itinerary unfolds in Antananarivo where you’ll delve into Madagascar's rich textile heritage at a Lamba Mena workshop. You’ll discover the intricate art of weaving with silk spun exclusively by endemic silkworms and spiders. You’ll jet to Toliara where evening greets you with a performance at a bustling performing arts school.


Secrets of
Healing Plants

You’ll venture into a 500-hectare mangrove forest, with a naturopath who’ll unveil the secrets of over 50 endemic healing plants and their applications.


Kilalaky Music & Dance

You’ll immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of the south at a soiree of Kilalaky (music &

dance) and partake with locals in the celebration where the melodies are plucked on a one-string

guitar called a kabosy.


You’ll visit a spirulina facility dedicated to producing a variety that has

been proven to prevent malaria! You’ll embark on an eco-walk at a sacred lake whose name

translates to "the lake where there are no dolphins." Everyday, this sacred body of water

mysteriously changes from a milky white hue to turquoise blue! If you’re lucky you might catch a

glimpse of the migrant flamingos there too!


500 Year-Old Tree

On this walk you’ll also encounter a 500 year old

baobab, called “Grandmother” who offers a tangible link to the past. You’re invited to hug her and connect to the wisdom and resilience embedded in her time-worn bark.

Each stop is a thread that weaves together the culture, nature, and the remarkable stories of the Malagasy people. The journey culminates with a boat ride to Madagascar's unofficial "Vista of No Return.”

See Whales 

On this ride, you’ll encounter whales and their calves as they prep to head back north after giving birth in Madagascar’s tranquil reefs.

Vista of No Return

And as you approach the Vista of No Return, its shores reveal a resemblance to the Maldives -

tranquil, pristine and turquoise waters. It is on this sacred island that locals gather annually to

commemorate the courage and sacrifice of Malagasy freedom fighters who bravely stood

against, and often perished while combating slavery. This visit not only offers a glimpse into the painful past but also reflects on the resilience and spirit of those who fought for freedom.


Are you as excited as I am?!

This 11 day trip will stop at some of the most interesting sites in Madagascar!  Lush beaches, eco spa and hotel, PLUS see the POINT OF NO RETURN where my ancestors and maybe yours left Africa for a life of enslavement.

Cost: $2,700 - All Lodging and food included

*Airfare is not included  *Group purchase of airfare is possible

Email for details.

Additional $475 for single rooms

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